Thursday, April 20, 2017

Deck Builders in Orlando, FL

Are you looking for a professional deck contractor to build the deck of your dreams? Are you ready for an outdoor escape that you can enjoy for a lifetime? How about a beautiful new fence to line your property? If you've answered yes to any of these, then you're ready to meet Orlando Fence & Deck Company, the premier fence and deck builders in Orlando, FL.

Meet Your Orlando Fence and Deck Contractors
As a local Orlando, FL deck company that is ready to tackle even the most complicated jobs, our promise to you is to bring a beautiful aesthetic and design to your home, whether you've owned it for years or just bought it new. You can trust that our designs are one-of-a-kind, never picked straight from a magazine. This helps you guarantee that your neighbor won't show up with the very same deck on the end of the street talking about how he's had it for years. Our deck builders and fence contractors are local to the area to help ensure that you have fast delivery times, exceptional service, and a friendly smile. After all, it's important to know that your local fence contractors and local deck builders treat you with the same respect that they would their neighbors. There's a certain friendliness that you come to expect from a neighbor whose kid may play on the same volleyball team as your kid. There's a familiarity and respect of the town, of the area you live in that big names shipped in from around Florida won't have. At Orlando Fence & Deck Company, you can rest assured knowing that's exactly what you get when you hire our local contractors. Whether it's the friendly attitude, the respect, or the capable mentality, you get it all with our fence and deck builders.

We Don't Just Stop There...
At Orlando Fence & Deck Company, you can be sure that we specialize in fencing and decking needs as your premier deck company and fence builders. We don't stop there, however – we also specialize in building gorgeous pergolas and beautiful arbors for adding space and curb appeal to your garden or backyard, creating beautiful arches fit for fairytale weddings and gorgeous relaxation spaces that you can dedicate to grill night with the guys or dinner with the girls. At Orlando Fence & Deck Company, our number one priority is helping you feel more at home and providing safe, beautiful, and exciting additions to your backyard oasis. 

Custom Designs for All of Your Needs
We understand that not everyone's needs can be accommodated with a one-size-fits-all deck or fence company. That's why we've built our company around making sure our customers get one-of-a-kind designs and service each and every time. This is why we focus on providing excellent designs that are custom-built to your specifications and needs. Give us a call today and we'll begin planning your beautiful backyard getaway today, whether you're looking for a beautiful deck, pergola, arbor or fence. We are ready to hear about your project and help you design your dream home addition.

Orlando Deck Builders

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Ground Level Deck
A ground level deck is perfect for a modest, one or two story home. Often no more than 12 inches above ground, a frame is built underneath the flooring to help protect the deck from natural rot, standing water and moisture.

Raised Deck
Also known as a balcony deck, this deck comes from the base of the second story and is anchored into the ground with sturdy, heavy-duty posts. This type of deck often has a staircase to your backyard to provide a secondary entrance and exit.

Low Attached Deck
A low attached deck is built flush with the threshold of your outer door and expands outwards to the desired height and length. This type of deck is perfect for homes that have a sloped backyard or uneven terrain.

Hillside Deck
A hillside deck is similar to a low attached deck but can be attached to any point in the home. This type of deck is designed to support a hilly or sloped backyard to allow your family to enjoy a nice evening without having to worry about terrain hazards.

Split Level Deck
A split level deck utilizes multiple levels and staircases to provide the illusion of more backyard space and relaxation space. This type of deck is especially good for homes with a smaller backyard. It utilizes more material and support posts than an average deck, however.

Gazebo Deck
A gazebo deck is the perfect addition to an already-standing gazebo to provide an extra space to enjoy your yard with. This deck can extend out as far as you'd like it to and can be fit to any gazebo height.

​Wraparound Deck
A wraparound deck is your typical decking that wraps around the corner of a home providing a relaxation space on multiple corners. This type of decking can extend as far around the house as you'd like, as well as outwards.